" To improve dairy farming in Kerala by providing quality feeds and supplements at reasonable cost. ”

Kerala Feeds Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking under the control of Government of Kerala. The Company is committed to produce and sell good quality compounded cattle feed and feed supplements to dairy farmers at affordable rates. The manufacturing technology and the Plant & Machinery of the Company are one of the best in the country and consequently we are able to supply consistent good quality feed in the form of pellets to dairy farmers. Imported equipments, advanced technology and commitment to produce good quality of pelletized cattle feed provides a cutting edge to the Company in the market as compared to its competitors. Owing to its excellent quality, Company’s products have got very good demand in the market and always the demand exceeds the production capacity. Being a Public Sector Undertaking, the Company has a definite role in fulfilling the social obligation as well and consequently the Company’s intervention and presence in the market has saved the farmers from the exorbitant price increase of cattle feed. This point is particularly worthy of mentioning especially for the period 2006 to 2009 when the cattle feed industry in India faced a turbulent period owing to unprecedented increase in the price of raw materials. Companies in the private sector are mainly operating on profit motive and consequently they increased the selling price of cattle feed many times in tune with the increase in raw material cost during this period. However Kerala Feeds Limited, being a Public Sector Undertaking has the dual responsibility of profit motive as well as social obligation to support the dairy farmers in their crisis period. Hence unlike a company in private sector, Kerala Feeds Limited has not made matching increase in the price of its cattle feed in line with the increase in raw material cost and to a large extent Company’s presence in the market saved the dairy farmers from exorbitant price increase of cattle feed. Government of Kerala is committed to ensure this social responsibility and consequent to Government policy and direction of controlling the price of cattle feed, Board of Directors of the company also give due priority to this aspect.